Portfolio: Commercial + Multi-Family Housing

Milton Tong, Architect

T: 510-435-2303

Sustainable design is a core value for me. Buildings should be in harmony with nature and use resources that are sustainable over time. I strive to incorporate these principles into my practice.

Fundamentally, these principles are simply aspects of good architectural design and can make significant impact upon energy efficiency, use of natural resources, and low impact upon the environment at very efficient cost. I take into consideration the site topography and drainage, sun orientation, natural light, views, climate and breezes in the placement and orientation of spaces and structures so that the building and its occupants have a connection to the natural setting and surrounding views.

Once these larger design aspects are set, then materials and systems are selected emphasizing energy efficiency, resource conservation, minimal site disturbance and healthy indoor air quality.

I am a certified Green Point Advisor and LEED Accredited Professional.

Both of these points-based rating systems are becoming widely adopted by City planning agencies as a basis for green building standards. By having Green Point Rated and LEED certifications, I have a solid understanding of the strategies that most efficiently accomplish both the project’s sustainability targets and construction budget. As an architect and green consultant, I continually keep current with the latest technologies, products, and methods in green construction and energy efficiency through industry training and resources.